Urgent help needed for Oliva!

This little treasure is called Oliva, she was rescued from the pound in Merido last Monday. She’s only a puppy of 6 weeks old and already knows what it feels like to be abandoned, probably because she was not suitable for hunting. Fortunately, she now is with us but again we need your help.  Oliva suffers from a hip dislocation which gives her a lot of pain so she needs to be operated on urgently. To be able to do that we need your financial support because we have so many cases right now in the centre and we cannot bear all the costs. We also need a foster home for her until she is ready for adoption. She is so tiny that we do not want her to catch any disease in the refuge and also when she has been operated on we will need a comfortable place for here where she can be taken care of during her recuperation.
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OLIVA YOUTUBE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSKXW3BLNNU&feature=youtu.be