Badly injured dog found in rubbish container

Last Monday, the 26th of January the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente Scooby received a call from the local Salamanca Police to pick up a dog which was found in a container. When our coworker  Jesé   arrived there, he found a galgo of 4 months in a sack. At first sight it was difficult to see if they had shot him or not, because the wound were unclear.  He was quickly taken to a clinic in Zamora where today he is fighting for his life with a very pronounced hypothermia. After the evaluation by the vet it was confirmed that the wounds were cause by bites and not from being shot.  We at Scooby, without being able to confirm it, we think that this dog was used for dogfights, and that is where his wounds come from.  The person (to give it a name) that deliberately threw him in the container knew perfectly well he was committing a crime. All of us at Scooby are confident that this brave soul will recover, although it looks complicated. We will keep you informed.