Scooby´s rescue trip to Merida

Last week Simonetta went to Merida to pick up dogs from there  and take them to Scooby Medina. That´s on one hand a very satisfying task because being taken to Scooby means a real second chance and for uncounted dogs it has been the start into a better life but on the other hand also a very sad one as she could not take them all. Too many dogs, bred by careless people, too less homes,  especially for mixed breeds. So if you run an organization and you could imagine a partner-ship with Scooby and help rehoming our dogs, that would be more than appreciated.
Simo also went to Cordoba another day and you will read about this trip very soon!
These lucky 15 Galgos and Podencos will appear on our adoption page soon and will also soon be ready to travel into a loving home. And if you can´t adopt, please help us with one of the options listed below to enable us to do these rescues: