One of those stories that will break your heart

Today I am going to tell you one of those stories that will break your heart and leave you hurt deep down thinking why a human being can be so cruel to animals. Why, since we heard from the beginning that these are beings with feelings, that suffer, that can distinguish between a loving touch and pain, that feel hunger and cold, why don’t we think about that and treat them worse than we would our worst enemy? These are the kind of questions that, given a bit of our time,  we keep on turning  around in our minds without finding answers.
Last week, one of our people answered a call where we were asked to pick up four dogs that had become orphans, because their owner, a paraplegic himself, had been taken to an old people’s home. A story that is repeating itself too many times, it seems that taking care of the animals of a loved one is always the only inheritance they do not want..
But imagine his shock went he found out the state of the animals and find to his astonishment  that, in the 3 or 4 years of their existence, they had never left the small garage or henhouse they were in, a scary place covered with excrements of all these years, accumulated dirt and all kinds of junk. The dogs were terrified and could not stop trembling, they had never been touched gently by a human hand, and some of them showed deep and old scars in their faces, it really was a very sorry sight.  With the patience, care and relaxed way our coworker always uses in these situations, he starts picking them up and he notices that one of them, to whom the others were always leaning into, remained perfectly still. This dog was blind, completely blind, the eyes transparent as glass and not focused on anything but showing a sadness that grips you by the throat!
Now, they are at our refuge, laid down on the blankets in the same corner they chose when they arrived. Four days have passed since they arrived and they still have not gone outside, they are terrified of human contact, and maybe what has amazed us most is that they have given us a lesson in loyalty, they all protect the one that they seem to know is not in the same state that they are; their blind brother, a precious Braco mix of intense chocolate color, to whom you cannot stop whispering in his ear: I am going to take care of you, of you and your brothers, I promise!
We realize we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do and that it is not going to be easy to socialize these adult dogs that have been ignored since the day they were born, for which the only human contact they have had would have probably  caused them a lot of pain but Scooby exists for protecting animals, that is what we chose to do and it is our task to do so, but mostly it is our vocation to guarantee to any and all of the animals that are in our care,  that nobody will never ever hurt them again. We promise!

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxFQ5i_KyYc&feature=youtu.be