Another rescue trip, by Francesca

I have always seen all the pictures about the rescue of galgos, going through all the emotions, but I never thought I could live the experience myself! Last Monday Scooby had to go to Merida and Jerez de la Frontera to pick up galgos and I could come with them. It was a long trip, filled with emotion. I will never forget the terrorized looks in the face of some galgos, what the gualgeros were saying when they got rid of their dogs, the eyes of the mixdogs that we could not take (unfortunately there are too many that nobody wants to adopt!!).   When they are at the refuge they are out of danger but they still need your help; donations to be able to feed them, vaccinate them, castrations, care for them when they are ill, and of course we still need to fine them all a family!!
Again I am very proud to be able to work with Scooby and that I have been able to offer some help, little as it may be, to these galgos. Thank you Scooby.
Francesca (Scooby Italia Team (she accompanied Simonetta on the trip to Merida and Jerez)