Update on Lucky.

We have good news to bring you, and that is that Lucky has been adopted! In December Lucky travelled to Belgium where his new family was waiting for him, a very nice lady with two dogs of about the same age. When she heard about his history, she decided that Lucky needed to be part of her family so we are very happy to tell you that he is going to be in good hands. From his former family and from Scooby we would like to thank you for all the show of solidarity what we have received from different parts of Spain. It has been incredible to see how everyone offered their help, in whatever way was possible for them. We did not expect a response like that and again we were overwhelmed by knowing the number of good people that surround us. Thank you for your help and support, between all of us we have created another last chapter in the life of Lucky. We assure you he is going to live a happy life till the end of his days, although he will never forget Onorio, Paquita, Nieves and the whole family that rescued him from a certain death in the dogpound, they gave him the life he had and when circumstances prevented them from taking him with them, they found a good solution. So all the people who cannot keep their pets for serious reasons, take them as an example!