Sad news about Aura

Scooby friends, we are sorry to have to tell you that Aura is no longer with us. This morning she has had an attack and even though the vet has tried everything, it was not possible to revive her. We are absolutely heartbroken. We never wanted to be too optimistic but when we saw she was slowly improving we got our hopes up and we could imagine her being better and happy in her new home. Unfortunately that was not to be and she went to sleep forever. What if we were able to give her the chance to celebrate life she deserved. The only thing that gives us a little bit of solace is thinking that in her last days she has been surrounded by people that loved her a lot and have been with her always, looking after her or supporting her from a distance. Thanks to all of you for your help and concern, for your good wishes and your strength.  The loss of Aura has left an enormous hole but we cannot let it get us down, we have so many more animals to fight for, this doesn’t stop here. Unfortunately in our refuge we keep on getting animals that have gone through hell and we remind you that the end of hunting season is here and therefore the fear for galgos like Aura is starting.  Help us to fight this fight, because without you we cannot do it. Do it for Aura and for all the anonymous animals that die every day in our country. We need you.
Aura, wherever you are, be happy. We care for you and will never forget you. Rest in peace.