7 is a lucky number

It’s is going faster now.. yesterday they had 5 galgos in the local pound of Valladolid and when we went to pick them up this morning, there were already seven. A lucky number for these galgos, they finally get a chance on a new and better life they have known so far. All of them much too skinny, wound on their whole bodies, on their legs and one with a deep wound on the neck where the microchip was cut out. All of them suffering from diarrea, probably from parasites but they will be treated for that too at Scooby. They are safe now at the Scooby residencia to gather their strenght and their dignity. How many will follow this hunting season? Probably many.. it’s not over yet.
Enough to be done and with your help and donations these boys will find their way to a brilliant future, the way they deserve.