Inmates welcome at Scooby as well

He did not commit any crime but still ended up in prison.. He was born a galgo and that fact determined his fate. Left alone he had been wandering around for 3 years without any steady home or residence, like many of his kind.. And still he had found a place where some caring people took care of him so he would not die from hunger or thirst and that was in Villanubla prison, close to Valladolid airport. One day they had left the gate open there and seizing the opportunity, he went in looking for food, which he received from the great people guarding the place who saw him enter. For three years he came back there to eat and for 3 years he knew how to get out in time before they closed the  electric gate, because you could not fool him, as soon as he heard that sound he heard trouble. Till new years eve 2014. Somebody was outside just by accident when he came in and that person caught him just before the gates closed and he wanted to get out again.  Apprehended, to use the right vocabulary!
They called Fermin from Scooby, who in turn called the residencia in Valladolid, and that is how late at night we returned with Vaquero, as his benefactors had called him there. Besides a wound on his foot, he is in good condition. Thanks to the guards who took care of him and did not give up on him, he is safe in the residencia now and never has to go out to find food anymore, it will be brought to him every day from now on and he really appreciates that. And whomever thinks that Vaquero would be shy or shifty after 3 years roaming around without the company of people, they are wrong because he is super sweet and affectionate and loves to be petted so now walks up to everyone. He adapted amazingly quick!
Galgo’s they never cease to amaze you.