Spring is coming

Look it seem to be impossible, how on earth nobody can say that spring is coming when the average medium temperature here is 0 ºC , all day long foggy, anyway our animals say that spring is coming , always the first sign of that are the male geese , they start fighting for the females, and it has already started, in a few days , the females will start preparing their nests , then eggs, then fight with them for taking their eggs , we don´t breed and believe it is a really dangerous adventure to take their eggs, I haven´t seen so protective animals regarding their eggs or babies, all our geese are divided into two families and every family defend their females like crazy, so maybe you will think that it is stupid but we have real shields to defend ourselves, a goose bite is really painful, I will tell u how the history continues. Kisses , licks and hugs from all us, galgos for adoption , all the other dogs and cats also for adoption and all our animals from the sanctuary ahhh and Don’t forget to donate today without your help nothing is possible. Fermín