She’s only a puppy

And already she has been cast away and left in the doghouse in Valladolid, where she most certainly would have been put down if Scooby didn’t get her, together with another black galgo. She’s covered with open wounds, much and much too skinny and she has a problem with her hind legs, she doesn’t seem to be able to stand on them, so that also makes it hard for her to walk. To determine the cause oft he problem we need to have X-rays done to see if something still can be done about it. It is such an adorable little girl, she’d love to play with the other pups in the kennel, and it is quite hard on her but she tries not to show it and does her very best to be just like the others. So young, so little (we think she’s about half a year old) and already she has suffered so much.. she did not do anything to deserve that, except being born a galgo?  It really breaks my heart.
The use of galgos for hunting is the cause of so much misery in the whole of Spain that we should continue to fight for a ban on the use of galgos for hunting!