Definitively, God is a Scooby member

The title is quite a lot , but let me explain our last transport to the north, it was really something, I was driving with Simonetta , everything was ok , we passed Paris , the weather was ok only a little bit of rain, well not really much rain but nothing serious, and then we were approaching Belgium and everything changed the rain turned into snow and ice, the temperatures went down, the snow cleaning machines didn’t appear , the road was frozen and poor Simo was absolutely in panic, she didn’t want to drive like that so we stopped somewhere and I started driving, I must say that the worst part was for her, but anyway no problem at the end we reached our destiny and everyone was safe, in the afternoon we went to buy some trees, well mainly me, Simo stayed at home working, after that we had dinner and went to sleep, then Monday morning a wonderful breakfast at Hellen’s place, like always I must say surrounded by a huge amount of dogs and then we started, we went outside and the locks were frozen, after half an hour and a lot of patience we were able to come out and to start the van, we left the van on for a while and we started our trip back , we could not open the back part of the van so everything was in front , all our luggage, some donations and four orchids that I bought the day before and we took inside the house, the rest of my shopping and Simo’s shopping were behind, so we started driving, the weather was good, freezing but sunny , so we needed to drive only for the clean part of the road, we arrived France and at the first toll , it happened , we were stopped by the customs police, and this is why I say that God is a Scooby Member , we have done a huge amount of transports absolutely overloaded with donations on our way back with the risk of an enormous fine , sometimes with medicines and we have never been stopped and this time that everything was perfectly legal we got stopped, nothing happened and we could continue our trip just with only a short discussion with about what navigator is best, her Tom-Tom  or my Garmin, so if God is not a Scooby member at least our guardian angel is very busy taking care of us.
Kisses , licks and hugs from all us, galgos for adoption , all the other dogs and cats also for adoption and all our animals from the sanctuary ahhh and Don’t forget to donate today without your help nothing is possible. Fermín  
PS By the way all these with only some losses , the aromatic plants that we bought, Simo and me, Basillicum, oregano and Salvia, did not survive the freezing night inside the van.