We need help for our clinic!

Day after day new animals are arriving at the Scooby clinic that need to be attended to. Every day we spend a lot of medication and veterinary material and we need you to help us so we won’t be without. The costs are very high and  as we said, every day more animals are coming in  very bad condition that need immediate attention. We know we are always asking you for your support, but you are our salvation and our strength. Everybody can lend a hand in whatever way possible, there are a lot of options and all of them are making sure that we can continue to save lives.  Do you want to help us? Become a TEAMING member for just 1 euro a month:
Make a DONATION or become a virtual adopter:
If you cannot help us financially, you can spread our publications, get other people to know our refuge, our Facebook page and inspire people to help us. Every initiative is welcome!