We need a home for Zero!! Dulce and Juliet reserved!

You already know these brave ones.
These three had broken paws but now they are recovering quickly in their
foster-homes, thanks to the "Clinica Mediterranea" and your support.

This time we are asking for your help to find them good homes. It would
seem rather cruel to us to bring them back into the shelter after they
have experienced the warmth and love of a foster family.
In the case of Dulce and Juliet our wish has already come true: They are
on hold, but now we still need to find a home for poor Zero.
Adopting Zero is like winning the pools - he is a gorgeous boy,
affecionate and a beauty!
The life of this young galgo hasn´t been easy. He had suffered a lot
until he came to us and was given the chance to be operated.
Don´t you think it´s time for this wonderful boy to have his own couch?
In this video you can see him making new friends: