Proud Podencos at Scooby

In our country not only the galgos are discarded and abused at the end of hunting season. There are also other breeds, and one of them is the podenco, that suffer the same fate. This breed is less wellknown than the galgo but suffers the same way they do. When they are no longer useful, they are being discarded in the most cruel way in a lot of cases and in other cases they are left to their own devices. But although they are less known, the podencos are excellent companions, they are loving, intelligent, obedient and normally don’t mind having to share their home with other dogs, cats or any other pet. They are especially good with children, playful and funny. They hardly bark and are very quiet. With a simple daily walk to spend their energy, you hardly even notice there is a dog around the house!
Any way, each of them has their own special personality and are worthy to get to know. If you decide to give one of them a chance to show how they are, you are certainly not going to regret it. They stole our hearts. 
Get to know our proud podencos here: : http://on.fb.me/1yfHwAe