Help for these little ones

These puppies arrived at Scooby already suffering from an advanced stage of mange and overall infection. It just breaks your heart to see them so little and already suffering. We don’t know what their life was like prior to coming to our refuge but we can be sure that they have not been very well treated. When they saw you they started trembling and tried to bite you, even with the little strength they had. Unfortunately, and we hate to tell you, one of them died last night, our vets have tried very hard but couldn’t save it. It is not right that they have to go through this being so young and all but we are going to fight for them till the end.
As you can see, they are no longer the same pups they were when they came in, with just a bit of love and care they have transformed in sweet and playful little puppies. To be able to  cover the costs of their medication, we are going to need your help, we have so many cases in the clinic already that covering the costs is going to be difficult. We don’t ask for much, every little donation helps us out a lot. If you want to help these little monsters, you can do so:
Making a donation: http://www.scoobymedina.org/en/how_you_can_help.html
Join the teaming (for only 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK

Without you, this would not be possible. Again: thank you!