Our clinic is full

Here at Scooby we continue our work to rescue animals. So right now, our clinic is completely full. Daily, we are treating in our clinic all kinds of infections, mange, bites, pneumonia, parvo, breaks, eye infections, we have to give daily medicines to chronically ill dogs and if that was not enough,  people without any scruples leave litters of pups at our doors that we have to bottlefeed and of course give them medical treatment because they end up sick being so little.  We are completely  out of our depth, our vets are working around the clock to help all the animals but we are getting desperate.   And then comes the economic problem, imagine the veterinary costs involved to help all these animals get better. We are in need of your help to cover the costs of all these medical treatments.
If you want to help us, you can do so by:

Becoming Teamer for 1 EUR a month https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina
Making a donation through Bankinter or Paypal:

It would help us greatly if you can help spread this message, the more people know, the more help we can receive. We can all help as much as we can. For now: THANK YOU!