Lia, the blind pup is looking for a home!

About 15 days ago we received a call from an organization that had picked up a little puppy in extreme circumstances. We took her immediately to our clinic where she was going to be given all the tests necessary. The first diagnostics was clear enough: Lia was blind and could hardly stand up.
The weeks were long in which the little one has received various treatments, of course her blindness is irrevocable but her nervous systems responds and she starts to walk normally. Because her blindness occurred while she was still a puppy, makes it possible for her to adapt very quickly to this situation and so she will be able to live a perfectly normal life. But we realize that the refuge is not a place for a blind puppy so we are asking for help to find her a foster home as soon as possible. Lia will be released from the clinic in the next days, and we cannot allow for her to go to a refuge. Help us spread  this message so between all of us we will find her a home as soon as possible.