„Happy“ Easter: Urgently needed (foster) home for Miel and Lucas

During Holy week, hundreds of animals are abandoned in our country. The holidays arrive and with that come movements to spend a lovely time with the family.. so what do we do with the dog>
It seems that for a lot of people it is a tremendous effort to find themselves a place where they allow dogs, or simply it doesn’t cross their minds that there are kennels where they can take care of their loyal pets until they come back.  The easiest way is to take this animal which they raised since it was an adorable pup and leave it somewhere to fend for itself.  And that’s why at our refuge all these poor animals arrive.
It is easy to see that they come from a home, their eyes and the sadness in them tells you that. At Scooby we wish for all our animals to find a foster home until they are able to find their forever home, but we realize that’s impossible, however in some cases it is really very urgent.
Miel and Lucas are one of those cases.  Since they arrived at our refuge, they are fading fast. They don’t understand what is happening and they are so depressed that they hardly eat or move. In these cases foster homes are so very important, and taking care of these animals you can help them overcome the trauma they are going through. Help them please!  They need you!