We have a lot of cases of abused animals and a lot of dogs to promote to find them a home. But the story of this little one is especially moving. Surely Currito (our volunteer Carolina from Cuellar has called him that) has been wandering around for some time around  the area of Cuellar, lost and without a chip, walking up to people when some youngsters (you have to call them something), with a bit too much to drink at 5 in the morning, decided he could be an interesting toy.  They formed a ring and decided to kick him around and make him drink alcolhol. If a brave girl would not have intervened, who took him and reported it to thepolice, what would have become of him?
Thanks to this brave girl, Currito with his honeycolored eyes, is now at Scooby, waiting to be able to put his trust in humans again.
He is a small dog, max of 40 cm high, weighs about 8-10 kg and should be about 1.5 years old. We can assure you that even with these brainless twats hurting him, he is very loving, quiet and does not pull the leash, he is a real treasure.
Who wants to give Currito the love he deserves and receive his in return?