Cicio, Pepe and Bombo are grateful for your help!

A few weeks ago we asked for donations of food for our little ones Cicio and Pepe, in just a few hours we already had several people willing to help us and the result is that we have received various bags of food for them. Thanks to your help, Bombo, who we suspect is one of Cicio and Pepes brothers, even though he arrived later at our shelter, is also enjoying the benefits of your generosity and we hope that with this excellent food the problem of their legs can be corrected. Last time we told you about them, Cicio and Pepe were on their way to Madrid so they could be examined and we have to tell you that their best hope is that they improve with this new food, because if it isn’t , the surgery is going to be very difficult and painful. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for them, and meanwhile Cicio, Pepe and Bombo are sending you hundreds of licks of gratitude!