Pika’s wish

It is 7 in the morning and the sunrays touching my face awaken me. I yawn and stretch so that every part of my body knows it is time to start moving. I want to be positive and I tell myself  that today is going to be a good day. I look around me and try to remember what place it is I am in, I now it is some kind of shelter called Scooby, where they treat me well and take care of me but I need something else, something more, where all the attention and love is for me alone, where I get more attention, where they take me for walks every day and I can smell something different.
I am all alone in this kennel because my mates in the patio didn’t let me eat, as far as they told me they had had a terrible time and spend days without food so I felt sorry and gave them my meals until one day I became ill because I didn’t eat enough. So I am in a smaller place right now but I know it is just temporary until they find me a home.
Today will be that day so I lick my paws to look good and I place myself behind the door, sitting there waiting for the person who is going to give me that chance. I charge myself with positive energy and tell myself that today is going to be the day.
After waiting quite some time, some people arrive, one of them very short (they say it was their son) and he walks immediately towards me , so I get very excited and wag my tail so hard that my behind follows the movement and the little boy smiles and caresses me. What a great feeling, the touch of that little boy made me feel alive again, I felt loved and leaned my head against his hand and wished for this moment to last forever. My wish wasn’t fulfilled and lasted just a short time because his mother came to get him and said they didn’t come for me and I was too big for an apartment and besides I was a hunting dog and wasn’t suitable to be a pet.
All my dreams and wishes vanished into thin air when I saw this little boy leave with his mother, and I realized I was wrong, it was not going to be my day today, nor tomorrow, nor the day after. All the people that pass by either don’t notice me or they just say “poor thing”.
And here I am, hoping to experience again how that little boy made me feel, the warmth and love he made me feel with his caress, that a hand that small can make you feel so good and that for once in my life I felt loved. I will keep waiting for that chance, I won’t lose hope, but I just hope that moment comes soon. That is my wish.