A dead dog found, burned and mutilated around Tormes in Salamanca

In the morning of Tuesday the 28th of april, in Salamanca, around river Tormes, a body of a burned dog was found, apparently with the front legs cut off. Members of an animal protection agency came to the site and could confirm that the animal had a microchip, according to the SIACYL (the animal identification system of Castilla Leon) and the dog, a small schnauzer belonged to D.J.V.T.  In the SIACYL it was also stated that the animal had been terminated on the 28th of april by the veterinary doctor M.P.H
Immediately our animal protection agency, Scooby, reported this case to the Guardia Civil, so they could investigate because to us it is incomprehensible that a vet puts a dog down through euthanasia and then at the same days the dog shows up in this state. We at Scooby really are very sorry for this brutal deed and we will do anything in our power to solve this matter and that the authors of this regrettable act will be punished by law.
The attached pictures can be very offensive but unfortunately it is reality.