The first help for Pepe and Cicio has already arrived

A few days ago we asked for special good for our little ones Cicio and Pepe and the first bag of food for them has arrived at our refuge. We are very grateful for thinking of them and the obvious willingness to help. You are simply the best!  This friday the little ones are taking a trip to Madrid to the Clinica Mediterranea who have offered to check them out. We are already giving them the food that they received, but of course we still don't know if with time these poor animals will have overcome it. We hope these two little ones don't need surgery and that it can be solved with just the good because they have already had a tough time and we don't wish they will also have to go through operations.So for now let's cross our fingers and hope that everything goes well in Madrid. We will keep you informed. Again, thanks a lot! Everything we can do is all because of you!