Karim and his difficult start in life

Just over 2 months ago we were very happy when Karim got adopted by a family in Salamanca. We thought we finally found the ideal family for him but we were wrong, very wrong. One day late in the afternoon we received a call from his family saying that something was happening to Karim. When they explained, we knew automatically that he had parafimosis and that they needed to take him to a vet quickly.  When the vet saw him, he had to operate on him immediately and fortunately the operation was a success but it was very important that he would be watched after  that  so the sutures would not open again. Since then Karim has done nothing but go in and out the vets office and today, after more than a month, the poor thing continues to have an infection in his penis because this pup has not received the attention and care he needed. Fortunately this little one is no longer with this family, we have found some volunteers ready to take him in but they can only foster him for a few days and we cannot allow for him to come back to the refuge after all he has been through. If he would have received the necessary care, he would have been completely recovered. This little one has passed the first months of his life without being able to play, to socialize and run. Therefore we are asking for a RESPONSIBLE adoption for him, by somebody who knows how to take care of him in the last stages of his recovery and who can give him the life he always was meant to have. Look at his little face, who can resist him?