Adopt a mixed breed from Scooby!

We want you to get to know a couple of very special dogs at Scooby. These precious things are our mixed breed dogs, unique and special and you won’t find the same one anywhere!
Neither one oft hem looks like any other, not in physical appearance but also in character and each and every one made us fall in love with them for different reasons. The only thing we want for them is to help them make their dream come true: find themselves a home!  All of us who have adopted a mixed breed know the incredible thing you get in return; these poor things have gone a long time without the warmth of a family, seeing the years go by without anybody giving them a second look and saying goodbye to friends in the refuge who were luckier because of their breed.  And when they are finally adopted, they give you EVERYTHING. You will never find a dog that adores you more, nor more loyal or grateful. All of us who have experienced this want to encourage you to adopt one of them and that you share that experience with others so not one of them stays without finding a home. In them meantime, we present you four of the dogs that are with us the longest while hoping you can see how incredible they are.

Cadero (since 2013) we call him the quiet man. His name says it all: noble, peaceful and very loving. He has a wound on his hip but you can only tell if you look closely. He is a great watchdog and takes care of his people.
Happy (since 2013) This rebel in the refuge is playful, kind and active. He is more clever than you give him credit for and always asking to be petted.
Peppa (since 2012) She is a very discreet little princess, reserved and independent, but also very loving. She looks at you with those beautiful eyes and runs to you to get her belly scratched.
Sammy (since 2014) arrived when he was only 2 months old and we saw him grow up in the refuge. He is the handsomest guy in patio 8. He is quiet and sensitive and only wants you to hug him and give him attention.
These guys are not the only mixed breeds that are special and in need of a home at Scooby, we have a lot more! If you want to adopt them, go to our website and get to know  them!
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