Special medication for very special dogs!

Time passes quickly and our oldies in the garden are getting older every day. With age, as it happens with us humans, problems arise with arthritis and joints and our oldies are no exception. They are lying down most of the days since it is difficult for them to get up and the cold doesn’t help either. To improve their quality of life we have been recommended to give them one tablet of Trocoxil every 7 months. With only 2 tablets a year their life will improve considerably, they will feel less pain and their stay in our refuge would be lighter.  As you could have expected, the cost of this medicine is very high for us so as usual we are addressing your generosity.  These oldies will be eternally grateful if you help making their last years as comfortable as possible. Since they were never lucky enough to find themselves a home, we hope to be able to give them at least a good old age. For Abuelo and Gabriela it is very urgent, they really need it because without it they can hardly get up. The medication that we need is called Trocoxil and we need the 30mg and the 95mg to give them the adequate dose because each needs 125mg. If you want to help you can send the medication to our refuge in Medina, and the address is:
SPA Scooby
Carretera de Olmedo Km 2
47400 Medina del Campo

Thank you!