Rebolera’s new life

It’s already two months ago that Rebolera left our refuge and went on a long trip tp Barcelona. There her new family was anxiously waiting for her, looking forward to give her a new life. Rebolera was found wandering the fields of Valladolid, most certainly discarded because she did not serve well for hunting.  She stayed with Cobie for a few months to recuperate and gain some weight and finally one day this family got in touch with us. They had seen her on our webpage and it was love at first sight.  After confirming that this family was right for our little galga, we put everything in motion and today, two months later, they send us these pictures and tell us how she is doing. Her new name is Adara, she is still a bit shy bit is taking leaps into her improvement, she loves to walk on the beach with her family and in the mountains, and in the park, but judging from the pictures the thing she loves to do the most is sleeping, like any galgo we know. You only have to take a look at the pictures to know she is a happy dog and together with her family she has found the home she deserves. If you can see yourself in this family and you also would like to adopt one of our animals, their thanks would be eternal!
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