There is life after abuse

Last june we rescued Paloma from the hell of Bullas. She was there surrounded by corpses of other horses, feeding herself with the remains of potato chips and in a state that would cause nightmare to any human being. Fortunately we decided to bring her and her family to our sanctuary so she could get better and you can imagine our surprise when we found that Paloma was going to be a mom!  Claudia arrived in this world in October, a precious little filly with curled hair that made us completely fall in love with her. She is now 4 months old and you can tell how strong, healthy and happy she is. Even though Paloma had a terrible life before, now she has completely recuperated and even if she will never forget what happened to her, we know that she will never have to suffer again and she can raise her little one knowing that she is safe and nothing bad is ever going to happen to her again. Happy 8 months with us Paloma, and… happy 4 months Claudia! We hope you will celebrate a lot more! We love you little one!!! ♥♥♥
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