Holmes urgently needs a home

HOLMES:lively,enthusiastic,energetic,euphoric,curious,even clownish…a terrier mix!He is 3 years old so with a high energy level; he seems to be restless. HOLMES is too playful, too happy, too active, too…everything! And that´s too much for the other dogs who don´t understand his character. He has been severely bitten several times already even though we moved him in different paddocks. And we are worried that one day his activity could cost his precious life. And putting him alone in a quarantine kennel is no solution either as he would be very sad probably.…Everybody knows HOLMES as “Ronaldo”, the crazy-for-the-ball doggy. But he is much more: he is extremely affectionate and grateful; stubborn, yes, but sweet and docile and very loyal. He arrived in February 2014; that´s one year now…and we are still desperately looking for a loving home with active people where he is allowed to be lively without putting his life at risk! Please help us to find a home for him!

Holmes, the artist: http://youtu.be/zpK-Xph_AZ8