The numbers at Scooby increase

These days, trying to find a little time to make up the balance and compare notes on the number of cats and dogs that we have picked up and have been adopted, we realize that for both years, 2013 and 2014, the numbers have increased.
2014 has been a hard year in all senses, a lot of rescues, a lot of pick ups, less income, the numbers don’t match. And even though numbers don’t LIVE, they affect the most part of our LIFE in all possible ways.
While in 2013 we picked up 861 dogs and 859 were adopted, in 2014 we have reached more than 1000 pickups, 1181 actually, while the number of adoptions has reached 1095.
Regarding the cats, in 2013 we had 120 pickups, against 110 adoptions in the same period. During 2014 the number of pickups has gone down to 110, but then also the number of adoption has decreased to 92.
In February of 2015 we had on our premises 559 dogs and 78 cats, very high numbers, especially in dogs, even though we have reached these peak numbers before.
We know we are sending you loads of requests for donations in all possible ways, but there are a lot of times that the daily business is getting very difficult, we worry, nights without sleep, thinking about new ways and possibilities to help find other means to improve the situation for our animals.
All the time more people and more organisations are getting in touch with us to give us notices,  ask and beg for help in saving different animals. Scooby has one big problem and that is that we can’t say NO. But if we continue like this there will come a time that with pain in our heart we will have to use that word NO. Because the situation is becoming untenable, because the food and the veterinary care is not the same for refuges of 100 or 200 animals, as it is for us because we feed, care and protect more than 1400 animals of all variety (dogs, cats,  goats, cattle, sheep, ducks, horses, pigs, ferrets, rabbits, raccoons, pigeons, pheasants, chickens, roosters, partridges ...).
We want to share this information with all of you because we believe it is important you understand what we face every day, that you understand that we lack the time, the resources, the helping hands, but on the other side we also have the will to continue fighting, that we have a lot of love to give, and even though things are difficult , we will not let it spoil our mood. But we need you, we need to get known out there, to get where so far we have not been able to get and to achieve that, YOU can help us. Become a team of the Scooby group, of our social networks, share with your friends, distribute our information. With a single click you can help us and that will have its effect on the benefit of our/your animals.