Dog with cut off ears

This week seems to be especially hard for the animal refuge Scooby, besides the increase in number of abandoned animals, which has almost become normal but we will never get used to, we add the end of hunting season with the consequent abandonment of those dogs which are not considered “useful”, there are those who come in, and never in an agreeable manner, the dogs with a very cruel history of mistreatment in their short lives and when we add these all up, it is truly disheartening.
Today we want to show you one of these cases, Alf,  a small foxterrier, whose ears have been cut with a pair of scissors, like we told you before, just like that. Alf has been taken into our nursery for a few days while they disinfected and treated his wounds, but now he is out of the infirmary and we urgently need a fosterhome for him. He is scared, so scared, and he still is hurting, he will need veterinary care but most of all he needs love, a lot of it, and a home where he can start forgetting the trauma he went through.  He is small, gentle and quiet, if you want and/or can take care of him, please get in touch with us and if it’s not possible right now, help us spread the news.