Greyhound live baiting exposé shocks Australia

Please be aware that the movies are really hard to bear.
But PLEASE sign the petition though! You can do it here and if you scroll down straight you don´t need to watch the video on the petition site.
Dear all,
As you will all be aware by now, greyhound racing in Australia is in complete meltdown after this week's revelations of widespread live baiting. The ABC's Four Corners (Australia's most reputable current affairs program) expose on Monday has shocked the nation and the fall out is unprecedented. You can watch the full Four Corners story here, but be prepared for some gruesome scenes.
GREY2K USA Worldwide has collaborated with our Australian colleagues from the beginning of this endeavour, which started with major undercover operations by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland in three states. We have just released an email to our supporters which provides you with a summary of the situation. You can read it here. Alternatively, you can go straight to the joint campaign site to take action. Non-Australians can select their country under 'Take Action Now' (towards the bottom of the page) so that a petition to the Federal Government will appear that can be signed by anyone.
This won't be over and brushed under the carpet very soon. All three state governments have called for independent reviews of the industry's governance and the NSW Minister has told the CEO and full Board of Greyhound Racing NSW to resign, which they did. Prosecutions of all those caught involved in live baiting will also take quite a while and will continue to haunt the industry.
Jeroen van Kernebeek
Australian Director
GREY2K USA Worldwide