Simon, the blue galgo

Last week Cobie received a call from the provincial doghouse of Valladolid, telling her they had a galgo with a broken paw. Automatically our collegue went there to get him and take him to the Residencia, but when she saw him she realized that the wound was serious, and looked really bad. Without losing time she decided to bring him to Medina so that our vet could take a look and fortunately It seems that because of that quick action, Simon can now keep his paw. Our precious blue galgo, had a fracture that also compromised veins and an artery so the surgery was complicated and it was not always clear he could keep his leg. Thanks to the great work of the doctor we think it will be OK. Now all that remains is a long period of recuperation and a lot of treatment but Simon is a young galgo and strong and we hope he will find a home soon that will make him forget the trouble he has been through.