Eight is enough. Or maybe not?

This is what I thought, 8 dogs in a very small house like mine , it could be enough , I am fostering several dogs and then on the 31st somebody throw another one  over my fence, then I went to visit the new dogs coming from Merida and I fell in love with a chocolate female that from the first moment she was walking with me the whole walk , so she came to my house, then there was an abandoned galga around Scooby  , we have seen her for several days and she even was sleeping with our donkeys, two days ago Espe managed to have her inside the garden and she was asking me on her knees to foster her , so I said yes, I am becoming too soft , I never say no and I must start saying no, all this that I am like grumpy but big is part of the black legend around me, I am only grumpy with some stupid humans, anyway here  I have now ten galgos and one podenco and they need adoption, they are already house trained, so please adopt them it is going to be hard but if they are adopted more can come, so the answer is no , eight is not enough and I see myself more and more like Hellen with more than 20 dogs in her house, I cannot and I am sure that you are not going to allow this because you are going to adopt them.
Kisses , licks and hugs from all us, galgos for adoption , all the other dogs and cats also for adoption and all our animals from the sanctuary ahhh and Don’t forget to donate today without your help nothing is possible. Fermín