A very lucky coincidence

Last week a man popped up at a vet in Zamora with a puppy and demanded to put him to sleep because of a genetic problem in his hind right knee. He has a Rehala ( pack of 20-40 dogs of different breeds used for hunt on deer) and this result of his breeding was useless as the only warranty for a life here is the ability to hunt. But the vet is also the Scooby vet in Zamora and he refused to  euthanize the puppy and by pure coincidence Jesé, one of our workers in Zamora, also popped up there and asked the man to hand the dog over to him as he would otherwise was going to "euthanize" the puppy himself with kicks. So this cute little thing is now save at Scooby...BUT we need to pay for the surgery on his knee. And here we are again, asking you for financial help!
Maybe you think that we are crazy and maybe you are right, we are too crazy to turn a blind eye on animals in need, what would often be much better for our finances, but we simply CAN´T as we don´t think in numbers on first hand but in lives and then hope that you will help us with the numbers!
So please also help us in this case with one of the following options!

Join the teaming (for only 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK



Update: Jesé is also fostering the little girl now until she can travel into a family, thank you, Jesé!