A little treasure, Cua-cua

From the start, as a pup, Cua-Cua lived a happy life together with his owner, had a happy youth with him and was always on his side. Every day he had his breakfast: cookies and a bit of milk, his meal; sometimes stew, sometimes paella or lentils with chorizo.. Cua-cua particularly liked the very cooked chicken fillets, cut in little pieces. At mid afternoon a muffin (no coffee because the one time he tried that he did not like it), and then at night an omelette for both of them. Every day they went for a walk, to buy bread,  get a newspaper, to the neighbours house, go to the village up till the riverbed where he liked to sniffle around a bit and to the canteen where they would have a chat with the neighbours.
Cua-cua loved to curl up on his owners knees or sleep on a blanket at his feet, and he was so at peace there. He had a happy and quiet life and so the years passed. Both were getting older until suddenly the illness appeared in their lives. For Cua-cua his daily walks, his treats, his blankets  and his chicken fillets abruptly came to an end . His owner got worse in a very short time until one morning, without him fully realizing what happened, they took his owner away in an ambulance. They got Cua-cua out of the house and put him in a pen, and that day he did not eat in the morning, nor in the afternoon, nor at night. Nobody seemed to remember he was there.
In the pen (an old henhouse) he looked for a blanket to cover him but could not find it, it was bitter cold and he did not have the strength to cry anymore. The next morning he saw a lady come over that he did not know who gave him something to eat, some little balls of dogfood that tasted terribly and a bowl of water, but she did not let him into the house that had been his home for so long. He tried to jump over the wall of the pen but it was very high and he was only little. He tried to make someone notice him by barking continuously but all he achieved  was getting  hoarse. And so the days passed, the weeks and the months and he started to notice the effects of the cold and neglect. One morning he woke up and noticed that his legs were trembling badly.  Cua-cua was a strong dog but had noticed lately that this tremor happened all over his body but he did not want to worry his owner so hadn’t let it show. But now it was different, he was alone now and he could not tell his owner about it anymore. For the first time in his life he was scared, and he asked himself continuously: where is he now and why is he not coming back, he had loved him so much all this time so why was he not returning?

One day all a sudden the son of his owner appeared, Cua-cua only had seen him a few times, he hardly knew him but he could quickly tell that he did not like dogs. The son called him and since he saw he could hardly walk, he took him in his arms and put him in the trunk of his car, Cua-cua now scared out of his mind that they were taking him away from his house, from his home. He kept on barking and barking but nobody listened.. He did not want to go, he had to keep waiting for his owner to return!

When Cua-cua came to us, the state of neglect he was in was really very bad, he was dirty, full of ticks and trembling terribly. First we thought it was fear but after having him checked out by the vet we were told it was something else: meningoencephalitis. ( an illness that does not cause any difficulty, it just provokes trembling. Cua-cua is a very strong and good dog, he has adapted quicklly to his new life at Scooby and already has great friends, the puppies Dumbito and Noel live with him and love him a lot. He likes to go out to the patio to sit in the sun and walk around, and sometimes he walks away from his companions and goes to the entrance door alone, looking out through the fence, waiting to see if someone would arrive.
One day we will tell him that he was not abandoned by his owner, that his owner died and that is the reason he did not come back for him, but that we are sure that he will never forget him, that he will remember him every day and miss him. We will also tell him that in this world there will always be good people like his owner that will take care of him, love him and pet him and that we at Scooby will do what we can to find them and we will not stop looking until we have found him a home where he can spend the rest of his life.

 Cua Cua YOUTUBE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBRmUByCDjA&feature=youtu.be