Our daily work. 1

I am going to try to explain what all the required work is since one animal arrive to us until the animal leaves our hands.
v  Dogs:
Ø  They can reach the shelter in different ways:
·        Abandoned, then we need to go outside the shelter and to catch the animals, it can be easy and taking half an hour or it can take days with our trap or the rifle , it can be done with one person or sometimes we have been catching a dog even three or four persons for days.
·        Brought here by the owner, is the easiest way, we just take the dog in, we fill in all the papers and 15 minutes later the dog is here.
·        We can go to look for them to a perrera, then depending how far is the place and the amount of dogs, it can be a while or the work of two persons for the whole day, we need to go there to load the dogs and afterwards to come back to download the dogs and then tom accommodate them inside the paddocks.
Ø  When they are here, the first thing to do is :
·        If they are puppies, it is a lot of work, depending of the age, the first thing is deworm the puppies, after some days if they are healthy we start with the vaccines , it can take more than two months to have them fully vaccinated, unfortunately many of them get sick with diarrhea and vomits , then the amount of work is absolutely crazy , in fact we need to have a person only dedicated to these puppies with all the medication and fluids , it is really hard work and very hard to see them , their faces , their eyes , how they lose weight so fast, it is really hard. When the whole vaccination process is finished then we start taking pictures, we add them to the database and they are ready for adoption.
·        If they are adults , then we deworm them and later we start with the vaccines , microchip , pictures and add them to the database , then somebody ask about him and we ned to do a cat test , it is not easy we need to take the dog out and then to take them to the cattery , we go inside the cattery and watch the behavior of him/her, after that , we take the dog back to the paddock or to the quarantine , very carefully to avoid fights, another moment we take blood, we castrate and then the dog is ready for going.
We need to promote them making videos, pictures writing histories, etc., etc, etc, if you multiply this work for more than 1000 dogs that we rescue every year, you could understand a bit the huge amount of work that we have and why sometimes we are delayed answering emails or giving the needed answers, and all this if everything goes right, it is really very strange that we don’t have a day without something unexpected happening.. . Kisses , licks and hugs from all us, galgos for adoption , all the other dogs and cats also for adoption and all our animals from the sanctuary ahhh and Don’t forget to donate today without your help nothing is possible. Fermín

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