The mystery of the German shepherds – part 1

Lately it seems we are getting a lot of German shepherds into the refuge. We really do wonder and want to know why in such a short time dogs of this breed have managed to fill our premises. All in a very short period of time and some in truly very bad conditions. What could be the cause? Has it become fashion to abandon your German shepherd? We really do not know why these animals are being abandoned because after getting to know them we do know that they are truly loyal and noble.  Maybe some day we can figure out which crime they committed to deserve such a severe punishment. Maybe they just stopped being a little furry plaything or they were getting too old or people simply got tired of them, but from where we are standing we can say that neither one of them deserved it. All of  them have suffered from being abandoned and in most cases of abuse too. Our hearts broke when we saw the condition in which some of them arrived at  Scooby. It is now time for their fate to change and that somebody notices how marvelous they are. Let that person be you and decide to have one of them become part of your life, we assure you that you won’t be disappointed!