We need help!

I have been thinking carefully how to do it, because I am not completely sure if we should make it public, anyway I want to explain what is the Scooby way of thinking, that by casualty it is the same for me personally, but we have discussed it in the Scooby Board. We are here for the animals and only for them, whenever there is an animal in need , if we can we will help, this is the reason why we took over the shelter from Palencia, even knowing that it is a huge amount of work, we have a shelter full of dogs that need to be rehomed, thinking carefully it is crazy to take a contract with a shelter already overcrowded even before starting our work there, in fact there were 155 dogs and the conditions were awful, anyway we think about the animals and afterwards we think about the rest, money, homes etc., etc., if you follow us lately we are having a drama almost every day and more are coming, talking only about broken legs , we have 5 dogs at these moment, but this is us we rescue them and afterwards we think about the problems, this is Scooby, take or leave it, we are not going to allow that any galgo or podenco will be put down if we can help, if there are horses in need we will be there for helping and afterwards we will think about how to feed them, I cannot help this is our way of thinking, but please help us to keep doing it, our finances are not so good and honestly I was thinking about to stop doing these rescues, but I cannot so we need you to help us to keep doing it. Please see the links below and hopefully you will choose one of the possibilities to support our work.
Kisses , licks and hugs from all us,
Join the teaming (already for 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK