Stories to keep you awake

At Scooby not a day goes by that nothing „strange“ happens. Let me tell you:
A couple of days ago we received a phonecall from a lady telling us she wanted to bring in her two cats and her dog, because her daughter had become allergic to them. All of a sudden.  We of course want to help everybody within our capacity but right now the refuge is very full and therefore we told her that we unfortunately could not help her.  The strange thing is that a couple of days later, a woman comes in with her daughter to bring a dog which supposedly they had found in front of their house, completely clean and quiet, and when we asked about him, the daughter let it slip that he was 8 years old. How she could know when she had just found him, is a mystery. Oh well, for the benefit of the dog we pretended to be dumb and let the dog stay.  But the story doesn’t end there.. two minutes later another woman comes in with two daughters and two cats who looked like they had been wearing a collar, well fed, clean and completely relaxed, and she said that (what a coincidence) they were found in front of their house. We don’t want to be overly suspicious but after seeing all this it would be very difficult not to think that these animals were from the same lady who has lied to our face shamelessly just to get them into the refuge.  These animals were not registered so we cannot prove it, but we just feel this is the case. The refuges for animals have been started to house abandoned animals, without owners, and if for one reason or another you can no longer take care of your animal, it is your responsibility and yours only, not the responsibility of the refuge.
Even so we have so far always taken them up, but please, all the people that work here are not stupid, although sometimes for the benefit of the animal we pretend to be.
The only thing that remains is pray that there will be someone who will give these poor creatures a second chance, after such a long time of loyalty the only thanks they got is being dumped in our refuge. We worry about their health because they are obviously scared and depressed. If you want to enlarge your family, think of them, they need you!