I am still waiting for the statistics because we still don´t have them, too much work, like always, anyway I want to make a summary about the most remarkable facts happened during 2014 , I am sure that I am forgetting something and I will appreciate if you remind me, anyway here I go:
·                 We began the year with the agreement with the galgo federation, it was the first year and the result is not bad, I still think that we really need to improve, but it is a first step, more steps will be done this year.
·                 Dog rescues, we have had several ones, we have rescued galgos and podencos from all over Spain, Castilla y Leon, we rescue all the available ones from the perreras from Valladolid, and no one has been killed because we took them all. From Madrid, through our friend Helena we have rehomed all the galgos from the perrera of the region, from Castilla La Mancha, we have rescued galgos and podencos, from both individuals and perreras like Cuenca and Tomelloso, from Andalucía we have rescued from Jerez, Sevilla, Cordoba, Malaga and Granada, we have also rescued galgos and podencos from Murcia, it means that we have rescued a lot of them and from every point of Spain. We have also rescued and rehomed dogs from Portugal, the rescue trips are always a big effort, we need to vaccinate them, to castrate and rehome but it is always worth and this is one of our priorities if we can do it, let´s do it. We have never left an animal behind, we don´t mind if they are males or females, black, white or yellow, with a broken leg or with mammary tumors, whenever there has been a galgo in need we were there trying to help, there is none that can say that they have knocked our door with galgos or podencos in need and we have said no.
Kisses , licks and hugs from all us, galgos for adoption , all the other dogs and cats also for adoption and all our animals from the sanctuary ahhh and Don’t forget to donate today without your help nothing is possible. Fermín