And we don't have a great feeling of self-importance

At this moment we are rescuing all the galgos from many many perreras all over Spain like Merida, several times, in fact whenever Ana has too many galgos we go there and we rescue all of them, Tomelloso in Castilla La mancha, of course from Valladolid you have already seen some of the dogs that we rescued from there, Talavera  de la Reina and Toledo , we are receiving dogs from Murcia, now we will go to Jerez to take some dogs from Maribel, it means that whenever there is a galgo in need, scooby is there helping and we can only do it because of your support, if we have a single space we will not let down a galgo in this country, after that, we will ask you to help us with the invoices or with the rehoming but obviously we cannot allow that a dog dies while we have a space, and this is a compromise that I personally have with the galgos.
And apart from that all the galgos that we have rescued due to the agreement with the regional federation of galgos, we have received many from good galgueros from different places, so that agreement is making something good for the galgos, but we still expect lot more.
 Now something completely different , while I was speaking with somebody in the south because they need help with their galgos, she told me something that made me think, she told me if we rescue all the galgos or only certain ones and like all of you know, I told her that all of them and I asked her why she was asking me that, and she told me that our friends from FBM now they are rescuing only females and I can understand why, it is because their organizations  in Europe rehoming galgos are rehoming mainly bitches and I am sorry but I think that everybody should make an effort to rehome also males and even black males, what kind of animal lovers we will be if we leave the poor males behind , and this is why I am asking you to make an effort , to make a big effort and to rehome males, I know that males, we can be more difficult sometimes but in the most of the cases we are simply adorable , we are so silly , our brain is so short that nobody can blame us because simply we are not responsible, because we are not intelligent enough for example today my Tino when I have gone outside he had peed in the porch instead of doing it outside so I needed to punish him, but even in these cases he is adorable. We don’t want to reach the point that we need to say no to males and black dogs and this is why I am writing this all the galgos need to have a chance, the males and the black dogs also suffer with the galgueros so they also deserve a place in our hearts. Kisses, bites and loving licks. Fermín