Meditating on a rainy and windy day

The other day, walking on the premises, I was thinking that my role of continuous ogre was becoming a bit tiring. Always looking for the bad things to be able to repair or improve them, especially around the subject of the animal wellbeing, and then later on always criticized, most of the times unfounded. There are times that I would just like to be like any other animal lover, rescuing an abandoned animal from time to time and then calling the refuge so they can come and pick it up, because that’s where their job ends and they are very proud of having done so, they have rescued an animal. But later when you ask these animal lovers to bring some amount of money, they are no longer the animal lovers they pretend to be and they start insulting us by saying things like: “you call yourself animal protection? This is what you have to do right? But don’t worry, the whole world is going to know about it” . The same version comes from animal owners that want to leave their pet at the refuge. All this without even being aware that the animal that comes into Scooby will not leave unless it has found a home, vaccinated, free of parasites, sterilized, with chip and Passport, and without realizing that in the meantime this animal eats and shits every day and there has to be somebody to feed it and clean up after it.
Sometimes it is better not to think about this, because everybody is coming to Scooby and wants something from us, and I personally sometimes get tired of being the bad guy and refuse somebody entry but it just so happens that I need to be pragmatic and realize that Scooby has to survive over many years and that includes making tough decision.  Really I would love to be able to rescue all the animals in the whole wide world but if I want to be a responsible person, there is no choice but to say no and it really is not easy.
Sure, it is a lot easier. Pick up a dog, bring it to the refuge and they will take care of everything without thinking that like you, that day another 10 to 12 people have done the same thing. But if you refuse, you’re the difficult one, and I really would sometimes love to have no responsibility whatsoever but it just so happens that at Scooby we are very responsible people and although we always try to stretch our capabilities a little, we will never stretch them too much as it might snap and break down the running machinery, so this is what I fear we must do.
Kisses, hugs, bites and responsible licks, Fermin.