Short news 4

I think it is the fourth time that I write small news, we do have big histories but sometimes I prefer to write simple things about the daily life at Scooby, like for example now that the winter has come back again, it is really cold now and windy so now that we expect good weather , it has changed completely.
The new place for the horses is complete and absolutely great, we have plenty of space and now that everything is clean and tidy, it looks absolutely great, by the way I will write something about the horses separately. By the way, there we have an old like a swimming pool used for irrigation and I have offered workers and volunteers to clean up and to use it like a swimming pool in summer.
Our geese and ducks are like crazy laying eggs and I really feel sorry to remove them but we cannot do anything else to avoid too many animals with feathers in our lake, but they are really aggressive defending their “children”
We have remodeled absolutely the transport van so hopefully the transports will be even more safe for the dogs and also we will have more space for them, it will be also lighter so we can transport a little bit more on our way back.
We are becoming absolutely professionals in the transport now we have also the Telepeajes for Spain and France so we don’t need to stop at the toll stations, the dogs will get less stressed and the drivers also.
Our educational project is going really well, we have already started with several visits to schools and we hope that the schools will start visiting us as soon as when the weather will be better, now is too cold.