Tigre and Trosky want to head for a new home

Today we want to bring your attention to Tigre ( at Scooby since Dec.2012) and Trosky (at Scooby since Feb. 2013) again. Both are at Scooby for more than a year and part of special paddock we tenderly call the trauma-club. This is a group of Galgos with special fears or severely traumatized.
Our 2 boys are in the group longest but meanwhile also the ones with the largest  progress in losing their fear of humans. They cheerfully greet the volunteers who take care for them and visit them on regular terms. With the same joy they take the treats we bring with us. Now we think our boys are fit to go into experienced families. Of course they still need to master some of their fears and gain trust in their new families, but once you compared the videos from 6 months ago to those from today, you will understand why we think that the time has come for them to leave Scooby and start a new life. So, experienced homes, we need your help for our 2 wonderful, affectionate and stunning beautiful boys, Trosky and Tigre, to enable them to do the last step into a normal and happy life!!

Tigre and Trosky today:
Tigre and Trosky on the leash:
Tigre last summer:
Trosky last summer: