Short news

I don’t know why but it looks like everything that is coming into Scooby arrives with a gift,  we picked up a goat from Benavente and it gave us the presents Zipi and Zape, two little goats. Later on we went to Salamanca because they advised us about a sheep along the highway and it was not one, there were four. The first one could not move and we had to put her to sleep since she was run over and had a broken spine, and nobody told us about it when we got there so we were treating her, making her suffer unnecessarily because it was something that could not be solved.  Anyway, one of the other 3 came with a surprise. So now we have to little goats and a little lamb, even my niece came over and she saw them when she took a  walk around the refuge, later on we went to have lunch and she did not want to eat any lamb anymore.
Even though I normally don’t talk about my private life, now I am going to tell you something, my father was a farmer and we had sheep, so I am obviously used to seeing lambs and little goats and I have to assure you that right now I look at them completely different from  before. I can understand that for self protection as a little kid I did not want to get attached to them because I knew they were going to the slaughterhouse in the end and my feelings would get hurt so I did not interact a lot with them to protect myself, but these ones are different, I know they will have a long life ahead of them and I allow myself to love them and believe me you look at them differently.
The filly that came with a surprise package is about to give birth, she still hasn’t but she must be getting close.
The infirmary is going mostly on schedule, almost all the walls and the ceiling are finished and we took the opportunity to remodel the warehouse next to it, which we changed into a waiting room for when we open the clinic to the public and in it is a small storage room and the boiler room. You will see it because I think it will look magnificent.
We are continuing to adapt the land of my family for the horses and the other grazing animals, who, as you can see are coming in, changing our refuge into a real sanctuary. And it’s almost done.