Short news 2 (28.02.2014)

It rains and it continues to rain uncontrollably, the patios are looking like lakes, the central part of Scooby is a lake already and everything is wet and sad in such a way that I think our dogs are mutants and will start to develop gills and membranes between their feet.
The rescue trips to Europe are continuing, you cannot imagine how grateful we are to all of you, our adopters, all the organisations I cannot mention all because there are so many, but I will make a special mention of Astrid and her infinite help to our mix dogs, without her it would be very hard to do what we are doing, at this moment we have five trips planned, two to Italy and three to Northern Europe and we already have some more than filled up, lets hope that this year we will beat all the records.
One of the problems we have is a luxury problem but in the end it is a problem because you are all so generous that we have a lot of food waiting for us in Europe, we take all we can in our van but it is never enough for what there is, even though we are making more trips in a fully loaded van, there is always some food remaining so we are trying to combine it all so we can have it brought over in a truck, and then start anew later.
We are going to make some reforms to the van too, to be able to use the space better and so our animals can travel more comfortably, and mostly to prevent any problems with loading and unloading so Cristina won’t complain to me, and she is right, the truth is I do not know of any more careful and experienced animal transport driver. Since we are making these trips every 15 days, it is great to see that spring is coming closer, the fields are prettier and greener every time.
Another quick thing, I think I am right again and when we found that one of the fillies picked up in Salamanca is expecting, I said to Dani that the other one for sure must be too, and Dani said no, but now they have to admit I am right, these female curves are not just from eating so we fear she is pregnant too.