Pipa´s silent world

PIPA  was found wandering next to a road, lost and exhausted. A couple saved her and took her to Scooby in April .It was clear that there was something wrong…PIPA is deaf .And some months later she started having epileptic fits(not very frequent or strong but…).So life in a shelter is very difficult for her. She lives with the most quiet group, the oldies, but any new dog arriving, any change confuses her a lot. Sometimes she gets angry and sometimes she gets sad  because she doesn´t understand what´s going on… She is much attached to people and always looks for human touch; having someone near makes her feel safe. And she also likes having a close doggy friend with whom she can play and follow when she gets” lost”.

PIPA will need medicine all her life but it´s not expensive .A box of Fenobarbital(50 tablets) is not even 9€. She needs a normal life full of routines;  her epileptic fits will be much reduced in a quiet environment. And a quiet and good dog next to her will help her with her deafness.
PIPA is a wonderful dog: very affectionate and so sweet, impulsive because she is very young(born in January 2013) but docile and really, really loyal. She is very special so she needs a special family. Could it be yours???