Talking about animals

When they say that the human being is the only being that stumbles over the same stone twice, they are really right. Unfortunately at Scooby we still encounter cases of animal abuse and therefore we still report them. The last case we came upon was about an older podenco female, blind, undernourished and with a lot of problems caused by the fact that her owners abandoned her, together with not being able to identify her by chip as required legally, not knowing if she had received any shots or treatment. But what calls our attention is the mistress, a week after the podenca has been picked up, she gets into touch with us to collect her. Why?? To prevent us from finding out and what a vet had confirmed? No madam, things are not like that, you have to be responsible of your own actions and you will have to explain the why and how.
But the most infuriating are the people that without knowing the reasons why this happened nor exactly what happened, are badmouthing Scooby in this case, with the only objective to slander and twist the truth.  And we don’t accept that because Scooby is made up of a lot of people for whom the only goal is to end abandonment and abuse and they fight daily to get that done, and then later on they are confronted with a stained image of a shelter that has been working for over 25 years for the good of animals.  SCOOBY does not allow and will not allow anybody attacking us, not for us but for the hundreds of animals that depend on our work.  Transparent work that anyone that knows us can see and judge for themselves. Scooby does not need to justify themselves, we do our job, our passion, what our hearts and head tell us to do without bothering anybody.  Not everybody can say the same, we can and LOUDLY. Because of this and a lot of other things we have decided to take measures and we are not going to allow that anybody talks bad about us.